Withdrawal of stEth on LIDO

Are queued about ten thousand unblocked stETH on LIDO as seen from here parsec. Do you think some coverage on metalswap’s DAPP would benefit us? What are your thoughts on this?
I hope we soon switch to OP for occasions like these and make the most of DAPP!


I think it’s a great idea. The direction we’re heading in is that more and more Ether is being transformed into staked versions.

We have some technical details to address:

  • stETH is a rebase token and cannot directly interact with our contracts.
  • wstETH could interact with our contracts, but by design, it is a token that changes in price based on staking APY. It could still be a viable solution.
  • Unfortunately, none of these tokens are on Optimism. wstETH is on Arbitrum, and we hope it arrives on OP soon. I would like to have this possibility on a chain where transaction fees are low.

So, I see three possible solutions:

1 - Launch this pool on the Ethereum chain with wstETH.

2 - Consider creating a Synthetixer that wraps stETH and bridges it to Optimism (the technical feasibility needs to be evaluated).