TEMP CHECK - Should MetalSwap Reallocate $100K Liquidity to Linea's Layer-2?

Temp Check is open on Snapshot:

Following the enactment of MIP-5, we continue to enhance MetalSwap’s functionality on Linea’s Layer-2. Our upcoming Temperature Check poses an important question to our community: Should we transfer a substantial portion of liquidity from Ethereum’s mainchain to support our operations on Linea’s Layer-2?

This Temperature Check seeks community input on reallocating approximately $100,000 in liquidity from the Ethereum mainchain to Linea’s Layer-2, concentrating on the wstETH/USDC.e trading pair.
This initiative aims to augment the user experience for MetalSwap’s Hedging Contracts users on the new chain.


  1. Proposed Liquidity Transfer:
    • Amount: Around $100,000: 25k$ from the WBTC liquidity pool, 25k$ from the ETH one, and 50k$ from the USDT one, based on the values of digital assets at the time the transactions are executed…
  • Trading Pair: wstETH/USDC.e.
  1. Reasoning: Since layer 2 has been active on Optimism, the 100% of MetalSwap’s dApp volumes went there, so the liquidity that lies on ETH loses its usefulness.

  2. Anticipated Benefits:

  • Improved user interaction on Linea’s Layer-2.
  • Strategic use of the less active liquidity from the ETH mainchain.
  • Strong backing for MetalSwap’s Hedging Contracts on this new platform.

Participation Eligibility: To voice your opinion in this Temp Check, you must:

  • Own $XMT in your wallet on Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Have $XMT staked in the Active Ethereum Smart Pool or ALPHA CLUB NFT Pools.
  • A 20 million XMT quorum is required for decision validation.

Make Your Voice Heard: Cast Your Vote in the Temperature Check Now!

The vote is open until Nov 13, 2023, 6:06 PM


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If the proposal passed, how much liquidity would remain on the Ethereum network for each individual asset? Thank you

Referring to today’s digital asset price, the remaining value will be $450,000.

Personally, I think that in the future, Metalswap would have to reallocate almost all of that liquidity. I can’t see people using this product on the Ethereum chain with high tx fees

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