MetalSwap Newsletter


Hello everyone.

I’m Diego and I recently published the first episode of my MetalSwap Newsletter.

In this forum post, I would like to explain this project in depth and call for feedback and critiques that could improve it.

The aim with this newsletter is to offer a fast and clear way to stay updated regarding all the MetalSwap weekly improvements and also attract new users within our community.

As you could see from the first episode, the idea is to create something that is basically a list of links, summarizing what was accomplished in the last 7 days.

For the moment, there will be 3 main sections:

  1. Project Updates
  2. New Blog Posts
  3. MetalSwap and $XMT elsewhere

Do you think I’m missing something? Please let me know.

I was also thinking about integrating a more technical part, regarding stats, volume, users, but I’m not too skilled with coding and this kind of stuff.

If someone from the community wants to participate in any way in this newsletter, reply here and let’s be in contact.

MetalSwap is a great project and as XMT holders, we have to do everything we can to make MetalSwap great.

This is my small part and I hope it will be useful.