MetalSwap Grant Proposal: Ambassador Council and Partnership Advising System

We recognize the pivotal role of the MetalSwap Grant Program in fostering innovation and expanding the MetalSwap ecosystem. Building upon the foundation laid out in previous communications, we propose the establishment of a Partnership Advising System through the creation of an Ambassador Council.

Proposal Details:

    1. The Need for a Partnership Advising System: We firmly believe that for MetalSwap to reach its full potential, strategic partnerships with third-party protocols and projects are essential. These partnerships can bring valuable synergies, increased liquidity, and a broader user base. To facilitate these partnerships effectively, we propose the introduction of a Partnership Advising System.
    1. Ambassador Council:
      The proposed Partnership Advising System would take the form of an Ambassador Council. This council would consist of experienced individuals with a deep understanding of the DeFi landscape and a strong network of contacts. The role of the Ambassador Council is three-fold:

a. Partnership Facilitation:
Ambassadors would actively seek out and cultivate partnerships with external projects and protocols that align with MetalSwap’s goals. Their expertise and connections would be leveraged to identify collaboration opportunities and initiate discussions.

b. Review and Evaluation:
Ambassadors would play a crucial role in the evaluation of grant proposals and partnership proposals. They would provide valuable insights into the strategic fit, potential risks, and benefits of proposed collaborations. This would ensure that resources are allocated to projects that align with MetalSwap’s long-term vision.

c. Integration Strategy:
Ambassadors would assist in the development and management of integration strategies for partnered projects. They would work closely with the MetalSwap team to ensure seamless and mutually beneficial integrations. This includes advising on technical aspects, user experience, and ongoing collaboration efforts.

  • 3. Ambassador Tenure: To provide stability and continuity to the Ambassador Council, we propose that each Ambassador serves a term of 12 months. This allows Ambassadors to build relationships, deeply understand MetalSwap’s ecosystem, and contribute effectively to the partnership advising process.

  • 4. Candidacy: I, Andrea0x.eth, would like to express my candidacy as the first Ambassador of the Ambassador Council. I am already in communication with the MetalSwap team and have previously collaborated with them, giving me a solid foundation to contribute effectively in this role.

The establishment of an Ambassador Council as part of the MetalSwap Grant Program is a strategic move to enhance MetalSwap’s ability to form valuable partnerships and collaborations. The Council’s role in partnership facilitation, proposal evaluation, and integration strategy would be instrumental in driving the project’s growth.

We look forward to your consideration of this proposal and my candidacy as the first Ambassador. Together, we believe we can significantly contribute to the success of MetalSwap in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.