MetalSwap Governance Forum Rules

Welcome to the MetalSwap Governance Forum! To maintain a respectful, productive, and collaborative environment, we have established the following rules for all members.

The creation of new posts will be moderated by the Forum Moderation Team, which is appointed by the Defi Foundation to oversee moderation and management of the Forum, and off-topic posts will not be published. Proposals for new topics to be included in the forum will be made in the General section.
Weโ€™d also like to kindly remind everyone that English is the only accepted language for discussions in this Governance forum. Posts in other languages will not pass the moderation filter. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a cohesive and accessible environment for all our community members.

Please take the time to read and adhere to these guidelines:

1. Be respectful and professional: Treat all members with respect and maintain a professional tone in your discussions. Personal attacks, hate speech, or harassment will not be tolerated.

2. Stay on-topic: Ensure your posts and comments are relevant to the specific discussion or category. Off-topic discussions can be distracting and counterproductive. The creation of new posts will be moderated and off-topic posts will not be published. Proposals for new topics to be included in the forum will be made in the General section.

3. No price discussions: Discussions about the XMT tokenโ€™s price are strictly forbidden. Our focus is on creating value through innovation and collaboration, not speculation.

4. No spam or self-promotion: Refrain from posting spam or promoting your own projects, products, or services without prior approval from the moderation team.

5. No duplicate threads or cross-posting: Before creating a new thread, please check if a similar discussion already exists. Duplicate threads and excessive cross-posting are discouraged.

6. Do not share sensitive information: Sharing personal information, private messages, or sensitive data about other members or the MetalSwap platform is not allowed.

7. :rotating_light: Report rule violations: If you notice any violations of these rules, please report them to the moderation team pressing the flag button.

8. Follow admin and moderator guidance: Adhere to any guidance provided by admins or moderators. They are here to help maintain the forumโ€™s focus and quality of discussions.

9. No FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt): Spreading false or misleading information, as well as engaging in fear-mongering or baseless speculation, is not allowed.

10. No impersonation: Do not impersonate other members, MetalSwap team members, or any other individuals. This includes using deceptive usernames or profile pictures.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans, depending on the severity of the violation. The moderation team reserves the right to take any necessary actions to preserve the integrity of the MetalSwap Governance Forum.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to create a positive, engaging, and informative space for the MetalSwap community.