Let's create a pool on Optimism!

Today, most of MetalSwap’s hedging contracts operability is on the Optimism layer 2, but despite this, there is no liquidity pool on this blockchain. Personally, I strongly feel the need to create an exchange pool (perhaps XMT/USDC or XMT/ETH) on this blockchain, don’t you? To expose myself to the XMT price today, I must do so by bridging and going to the BNB or ETH mainnet blockchain but this require me gas fees. If we want that Optimism continue to be the main blockchain for use the dApp we MUST create a pool here. What do you think guys?


It makes sense to have a pool on Optimism to allow people to trade XMT on one of the project’s most important layers. I believe this should go hand in hand with game theory reasoning.

In other words, let’s start with the assumption that anyone can create a pool on Uniswap with XMT and stablecoins. If this pool has a significant market, anyone would be incentivized to do so to earn fees.

So the question is whether the foundation should do it or not, and how much liquidity to allocate. In this case, I believe we should consider future market developments and how creating liquidity can help Metalswap in general.

In this phase where there are active campaigns on Optimism that also attract a farming audience, creating liquidity could have some disadvantages.

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I have my Xmt blocked in the last Pool, it doesn t let me redeeem it…any support? please

Hi Francesco. This isn’t the right place to ask support. You can open a ticket on Metalswap discord server :wink: