How to write a new MIP

Hello MetalSwap Community!

Welcome to the MetalSwap MIP (MetalSwap Improvement Proposals) Proposal Drafts section, a dedicated space where you can collaborate with fellow community members to drafts and discuss proposals that may become an official part of the MetalSwap ecosystem. Your voice is valuable, and we’re excited to witness the creative ideas and strategies you’ll bring to the table.

In this forum, we encourage open discussion and collaboration to create well-structured proposals. To help you get started, we’ll provide you with a guide on how to write an effective MIP. Remember, clarity, context, and comprehensive information are essential when drafting proposals.:memo:

Structure of an MIP:

  1. Proposal Title: Choose a clear and concise title that summarizes the main objective of your proposal.

  2. Summary: Provide an executive summary of the proposal’s objectives and why it is important for the MetalSwap community.

  3. Background and Context: Include any relevant background information, data, or context that led to the creation of the proposal. Feel free to add links to articles, research, or other resources that support your idea.

  4. Proposal Details: Outline the proposal in detail, covering all aspects, including implementation, potential benefits, and any associated risks. Be thorough and precise, as this section forms the core of your MIP. :books:

  5. Supporting Visuals and Media: Enhance your proposal with images, charts, graphs, or any other visuals that help explain and support your idea. Make sure these visuals are clear and appropriately labeled.

  6. Timeline and Milestones: Include a timeline for the proposal’s implementation, highlighting key milestones, and expected completion dates.

  7. Cost and Resource Estimates: Provide an estimate of the financial and human resources required for implementing the proposal, including any potential sources of funding.

  8. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the proposal and reiterate its importance to the MetalSwap community.:checkered_flag:

Proposals that do not comply with these rules will not be published by the Forum Moderation Team, which will provide feedback so that the proposal can be edited and resubmitted correctly.

Please note that any proposal for changes to smart contracts can be published by sharing the lines of code, and if properly voted on by the Governance, can be directly implemented by the Team. However, if the proposal requires significant resources for implementation and cannot be automatically implemented even if voted positively by the Dao.
For these reasons it is important to specify the resources needed for implementation and who will bear the costs in the proposal creation.

Through the MIP Governance Forum, MetalSwap’s DAO aims to build proposals together. This collaborative approach ensures that proposals are well-rounded and reflect the diverse perspectives of our community members. We encourage you to actively participate in discussions, share your insights, and provide constructive feedback on other proposals.

To get a better understanding of a well-structured MIP, you can refer to the two existing proposals in the forum - Proposal 0: Binance Smart Chain Integration and Proposal 1: Gold Hedging Swap. These will serve as excellent examples to help you create your own proposals.

Remember, the MetalSwap MIP Governance Forum is a space for you to make a difference. Your thoughts and opinions are essential in shaping the future of the MetalSwap ecosystem. So, let’s work together and create a stronger and more innovative Decentralized Hedging Swap!

Happy proposing!

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