How to size XMT Project to the Retail customers

If you are a Retailee. Probably you dont know anything about crypto and XMT… you look for Smart and economic Solution to Your business Challenges… So . how to develop a Product that goes in this direction at least in this phase so it will be sexy for this kond of retailers? . Let me explain. While an institution has personnel in its structures in charge of solving this type of problem and assigned to these tasks it has specialists in the specific sector (financial expert rather than other) and if it does not have the expertise it soon comes to outsourcing to find it (e.g. xmt it is interesting but I don’t have anyone in the company who is expert in Crypto simply … I contractualize it) Retails are often not structured like this… Small dimensions and with all-rounders characters… Little ability to look for resources outside they nove tjei business with their organic capabilities
… How Are We Going To Get There? To rich this retailers…? How will we make a tool attractive that today requires a level of technical knowledge of the sector that many retailers do not have and Probably They don’t want to ha e! A dedicated online service? A team assigned to act as a bridge between the defi and real dimension? Sure is very far from Concept of defi… But if we want the adoption of Retailers which doesn’t give a damn about the defi but are only interested in the output… I think we will have to find some compromise… I see few Retails out there ready to spend time and resources to understand the defi and metalswap dap. From a Retail Point of viewI want to pay and have an Output that I consider convenient. No wasting time… No headaches.

Hi Luigi,

This is indeed a great topic to discuss. I believe that targeting retailers is the best strategy in the current DeFi landscape, as it has the highest potential to engage volume in our Hedging Swap Protocol.

As you may have seen, the team is focused on showcasing some use cases for retail users:

1 - Uniswap LP Use Case: Uniswap LP Use Case - Optimism Version
2 - Velodrome LP Use Case: Velodrome LP Use Case - Op Chain
3 - DAO Voter on Optimism: DAO Voter on Optimism

I think the perfect target for Metalswap is retailers who are already using other DeFi protocols and can benefit from using Hedging Swap to cover themselves from volatility risks.

When it comes to the tool, I believe it’s essential to provide retail users with a simple and intuitive interface that allows them to easily understand the benefits of using our dApp.

What are your thoughts on this?

Hi everyone,

Probably also btc miners should be considered.
To sell their btc out of counter they need a volatility protection.

Maybe we should promote them this protocole…


I think the Retailer that are at the moment potentially interested in the actual use cases can be consider a good beta test for the project. But i think that the Retailer that we shoud address shoud be interested In our project becuase it offer a better Solution to what There is now in the conventional real market. What i means for better… Cheaper… More feaseable ti the customers needs. Trustable. fast… And Easy.
At the moment what i see is that all the above charateristics are in place… Except one… That is very far away from how i see a succesfull project. Is Not an easy tool. You shoud understand an be familiar with crypto and blockchain and with the defi… We need something trasparent for the customers. We nedd a click here Button. Our target Retailer shoud ONLY understood the Financial aspect not how the project will cover his position,Blockchains, Oracles… Eth or XMT. Shoud not be his business. For him this part shoud be trasparent Like an assurance i did in these days. I Just clicked the option on a booking website… payed a very cheap price in euro. and My assurnce was Active. . How…? a project in a blockchain using a Oracle was covering automatically My position for a event. But i discovered that My assurance was working in this way accidentally… How can we reach this easy status… My proposal is a interface… A platform as a bridge between the defi project and the real World and this platform… Webpage…( Call it Like it souds better) Is where the big numbers likely will join the project… You will have xmt populated by two waves of People… The crypto knowledge ones That will work in the defi part assuring founds… Governance and all the blockchain releated aspect… And Retailer. Old style… They will give you standard Fiat Money.with a few .clicck on a traditionaL website… Is not the Perfect concept of a decentralized project… But is a starting Point…

There are many interesting insights in your reasoning.

I believe that Retail users can bring significant numbers to the project, so I wouldn’t label that target as beta testers. Instead, it’s an extremely promising audience for the project’s growth. In DeFi, many volumes are also generated by Retail participants.

I agree that the focus should be on making the tool more user-friendly. Tools are needed that allow individuals to understand how to hedge against the price of digital assets and consequently provide simplified position openings in a “one-click” format. Such tools could help individuals cover positions in Liquid Staking, UniV3 LPs, LP v2, and so on.

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Today i was looking inside the project news and I saw the incoming hackathon for XMT in lugano. My idea starts from this news.
What if the foundation call for Youtuber Content creator Competiton. The winner will gain a amount of money released by the foundation. The winner will be the one that promoting and explaining the XMT project will achieve the maximum number of views… or better if technically is possible each youtuber is associated to a refferral link. the youtuber that achieve to convince the higher number to opern swap on METALSWAP dapp. win the money relased from the foundation. The amount of prize could be a fixed amount plus a percentage of the swap volumes opened… In this way we would obtain two effects. First of all Improve the number of people reached out using all the youtuber involved. Second we Get an increase of people using the dapp. Is just un idea with a lot of lacks … but perhaps we can start from here to develop something better


It seems like a good idea.

The content contest part is certainly interesting for creating awareness and visibility for the protocol, as well as generating various types of educational material.

I find the referral part technically more complex but worth considering. The reward for referrals could be a discount on the Hedging Swap premium.

Do you think it’s better to reward the best content or the highest number of views? In the second case, there is definitely a concern about spam attacks

I think the idea is a very good one!

Several times there has been talk about a possibility similar to this that aims to give more and more visibility to the dApp and thus to the project.

Twitter mentions, user-created blog posts, etc., can be another form of contest, although I believe that through YouTube, leveraging with specific use cases to one’s bubbler, one can make a more direct and effective contribution.

Now from a contest standpoint, I would discard the view discourse because it’s easily counterfeitable, and what if instead you made “referal links” to the dApp?
I know we are completely decentralized, however could one try to create a transition page to the dApp through which one could track a wallet entry through invitation?

I really like this spirit of creation and will work on finding some alternative solution as well