"Happy Birthday XMT" Competition Concludes

Celebrating the Triumphs: November’s MetalSwap Competition “Happy Birthday XMT” Results Revealed!

As the curtains close on the “Happy Birthday XMT” competition, we at MetalSwap are thrilled to reflect on the exceptional talent and strategic acumen displayed by our community. This event, held throughout November, has not only highlighted the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of DeFi but also underscored the unique strengths of our participants. Let’s delve into the details of this exhilarating competition!

Market Dynamics: A Whirlwind of Positive Volatility

The “Happy Birthday XMT” competition was marked by an exhilarating ride of positive market volatility. In particular, the OP token showcased an impressive performance, starting from 1.39 USDC countervalue its bullrun, becoming a central piece in our participants’ strategic plays. This period was an excellent opportunity for our community to demonstrate their adeptness in navigating these dynamic market conditions, effectively utilizing their hedging abilities and showcasing the vast potential that the DeFi space holds.

Honoring November’s TOP20 Achievers

It’s time to turn the spotlight on the stars of the “Happy Birthday XMT” competition. Their outstanding strategies and keen market insights propelled them to the top, and it’s only fitting that we celebrate their success:

  1. :trophy: First Place: 0xFB4A9D03592ed490992523Ec551ba9290BfC4a08 - 239.18% profit (150 USDC)
  2. :star2: Second Place: 0x6BD0483B78Af6ddbB2Fa6D001977dE16fb648519 - 168.06% profit (100 USDC)
  3. :3rd_place_medal: Third Place: 0x5a2c7658B46B54720d795ee39D6Ab6ec2d8bE192 - 93.70% profit (75 USDC)
  • 4th Place: 0x411080c4b222fAcf246c2CB252E453dC5F699E5c - 81.84% profit (60 USDC)
  • 5th Place: 0xf0950506eEa5F91BF9AeA3e3CF3e33940B9497D6 - 76.99% profit (60 USDC)
  • 6th Place: 0x240eaDf230F75DE6ceb8F44E8eeD6a767f2C7F26 - 76.25% profit (50 USDC)
  • 7th Place: 0x73Ce0b48894a3334778705adFD7e1c28e67DDAab - 69.59% profit (50 USDC)
  • 8th Place: 0xC958491C405C1043420C0c04F7b1D934cc669Eae - 68.79% profit (50 USDC)
  • 9th Place: 0xBaE094473f36Ea45e4e368619b5197029AC994ce - 66.04% profit (50 USDC)
  • 10th Place: 0x51B5f3C6f8C39876CCF242bAF91287884F6E09B3 - 59.67% profit (30 USDC)
  • 11th Place: 0x770BCf63E3e6945fd2a23Ed6B74CD287632cC3C1 - 58.10% profit (25 USDC)
  • 12th Place: 0xd454E78A9F92506E73E0aBd1AB7A1F6979b9fb2e - 52.15% profit (25 USDC)
  • 13th Place: 0xAF58ac3C1141b178DFa11cFA85DB4C0FD5646A90 - 44.62% profit (25 USDC)
  • 14th Place: 0x31f216823E450197dB1CF9BAA7f3DE41C3b29C3B - 41.15% profit (25 USDC)
  • 15th Place: 0x1F44Aa77d413119aF1093d1365D850Fe21Ef642D - 36.57% profit (25 USDC)
  • 16th Place: 0xd92301cC37d0121Fe4635018Be588901394F7A66 - 33.30% profit (20 USDC)
  • 17th Place: 0x60Ec37620dB5508828Dc8A9950e583f1Bca1C044 - 27.50% profit (20 USDC)
  • 18th Place: 0x83a7D669083F1EF09DDBc958eA0DDDD335826DD7 - 21.85% profit (20 USDC)
  • 19th Place: 0xff562A11450a7FB074557cAF5fE89C780f0edDFf - 20.32% profit (20 USDC)
  • 20th Place: 0xF1e506C4bcb44F6e527104C04A516937F916415B - 17.05% profit (20 USDC)

A special mention to 0x5a2c7658B46B54720d795ee39D6Ab6ec2d8bE192 for the Best Swap with a 93.70% profit, earning an additional 100 USDC.

A Round of Applause for Our Winners

Congratulations to each participant for their impressive achievements! Your strategies and insights are a testament to the strength and depth of MetalSwap’s community.

The distribution took place the 23/12/2023, through the Optimism Layer-2 chain.

Until next time, keep thriving in the dynamic world of DeFi!

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