"Halving" Competition Concludes

As we conclude the thrilling “Halving Edition” of the MetalSwap Competition, we are excited to spotlight the exceptional talent and strategic prowess exhibited by MetalSwap’s community throughout April and May 2024, where something special happened: the bitcoin halving.

This event has showcased the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of DeFi, while also underscoring the unique strengths and ingenuity of our participants. Let’s dive into the highlights of this exhilarating competition!

Market Dynamics: Navigating the Halving Wave

The “Halving Edition” competition was characterized by a whirlwind of market activity, spurred by the halving event and happening slightly before the halving event, that happened during the 20th of April.
Participants demonstrated remarkable adaptability and strategic thinking, capitalizing on the market fluctuations to optimize their positions.

Tradingview BTC chart

This period was an excellent demonstration of the community’s adeptness at navigating the volatile DeFi landscape, highlighting the potential and versatility inherent in the MetalSwap ecosystem.
The king of cryptocurrencies rose before the halving event to its new ATH of $74k, and after 20 April it fluctuated taking the price to a low of $56k and then back to $66k. A very nice wave to surf!

Honoring the TOP20 Achievers

It’s time to celebrate the top performers of the “Halving Edition” competition. Their outstanding strategies and keen market insights have propelled them to the forefront, and it’s only fitting that we acknowledge their achievements:

:trophy: First Place: 0x27a580e1Dc223e3A60ca4520c3373E7A4D77F4E5 - 211.83% profit (150 USDC)

:star: Second Place: 0x70C2D24678da4BF84F908350439EF5AE6851d5B2 - 153.31% profit (100 USDC)

:3rd_place_medal: Third Place: 0x874cF7b19E0835c228CC697b85f2484C1C943736 - 143.52% profit (75 USDC)

4th Place: 0x70dc82e564418c0bdd69FfAF9238E2307B01cDa1 - 112.60% profit (60 USDC)
5th Place: 0x44999CC3f8Dd2F63650B6febFD3506d73bF34490 - 111.09% profit (60 USDC)
6th Place: 0x6E7fc0821641843d27f3767F9971483a640b8E49 - 110.80% profit (50 USDC)
7th Place: 0xb21AcBbBC529E27F37c0D4e0C5132f1447861c46 - 103.38% profit (50 USDC)
8th Place: 0x66daFDEa307F14d3345dBaBB89854687D0F8936d - 78.31% profit (50 USDC)
9th Place: 0x2F5Df6e547e0f02703dB8A24aFDf77f24A7Dee81 - 50.35% profit (50 USDC)
10th Place: 0x240eaDf230F75DE6ceb8F44E8eeD6a767f2C7F26 - 49.45% profit (30 USDC)
11th Place: 0x73Ce0b48894a3334778705adFD7e1c28e67DDAab - 44.00% profit (25 USDC)
12th Place: 0xff562A11450a7FB074557cAF5fE89C780f0edDFf - 36.60% profit (25 USDC)
13th Place: 0xAB5EB14857CBcAbbAd63549Ce6Dc62BcE165ede7 - 28.82% profit (25 USDC)
14th Place: 0xE8520CE95D5B12114557ACb8ef565f2cd50a0342 - 23.37% profit (25 USDC)
15th Place: 0xC83E45fd750AB004b303A88b5C84303A1E2e1E82 - 22.33% profit (25 USDC)
16th Place: 0x80bb8b6A8da5e725701Da53F3B630407C78662B5 - 21.88% profit (20 USDC)
17th Place: 0x3ad47c67d7faD115B3E64Ed37C9A3ECE3b024fEC - 20.00% profit (20 USDC)
18th Place: 0xf90B30D09E3cf991198261Ec90E3fD35aD6A7fD7 - 10.94% profit (20 USDC)
19th Place: 0xA4Cb62B580AE0c29DBdf95D1d184A0572988CEE3 - 5.92% profit (20 USDC)
20th Place: 0x1B61352C76B3Ad035D9752AB69Ec12aB93e93952 - 5.54% profit (20 USDC)

A special mention to 0x27a580e1Dc223e3A60ca4520c3373E7A4D77F4E5 for the Best Swap with the best - 211.83% - profit, earning an additional 100 USDC.

Congratulations to each participant for their remarkable achievements! Your strategies and insights are great opportunity to show off to the strength and depth of MetalSwap’s community.

The distribution took place the 11/06/2024, through the Optimism Layer-2 chain.

USDC.e token address:

Until next time, continue to thrive and participate in the dynamic world of DeFi!

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It was a great competition. Very competitive

Rewards received, thank you very much! :partying_face:
WEN next competition? :slight_smile:

Yep, same for me!

Thanks for this competition, I hope there will be others in the coming months.