Forum incentive discussion

Recently, within the official Telegram channel, some users started discussing the possibility of creating an incentive to encourage forum usage. I participated in the discussion and am convinced that promoting forum discussions could bring added value to the whole MetalSwap ecosystem, helping the team to improve our tool.
I also pointed out that if we are going to move in this direction, we need to think about how this incentive should be provided by the DeFi Foundation.

I am writing this post to bring this important topic to the forum and invite all swappers to share their opinions for or against this initiative, while also starting to consider possible ways to implement this incentive.


I’m glad that this topic has been brought up here on the MetalSwap forum. I wholeheartedly support the idea of incentivizing forum usage. After all, an informed and active community is crucial for the growth and evolution of any DeFi project.

I’ve given much thought to what was discussed in the Telegram Group and have some ideas and considerations on the matter:

Reward Program for Participation: We could have a system that rewards users based on the quality and quantity of their posts, responses, or proposals. This could be done through tokens, fee discounts, or other forms of rewards.

Badges and Acknowledgments: For users who actively participate and provide valuable contributions, we could introduce badges or special titles that can be displayed on their profiles.

Monthly Competitions and Challenges: We could have challenges or competitions focused on specific topics, where users can participate and win prizes.

Speaking of competitions, I was particularly struck by the proposal to organize a competition for YouTube content creators. This initiative could have huge potential. Having YouTubers explain, promote, and guide the use of our Dapp can significantly broaden our reach. However, we must also ensure that we maintain the integrity and quality of the content. Combining a well-thought-out YouTube strategy with our efforts here on the forum could truly lead to extraordinary results!

However, it’s also important to consider possible downsides. If not managed correctly, incentives could encourage spam or low-quality content. We must ensure that there are mechanisms in place to maintain the quality of discussions. It would also be helpful to have a clear definition of what constitutes a “valuable contribution” to prevent potential system abuses.

In conclusion, I’m in favor of the idea of incentivizing participation, but it must be done thoughtfully and deliberately. I hope that all of us, as a community, can work together to find the best possible solution.

What do you think?


For me we can start incentivizing the forum through a gamification process. As you said before, the concept of creating a “competition” is very interesting. We could for example raffle off a certain number of XMTs per month and allocate them to the user who has brought the most value within the forum.
Here then another problem opens up, which is who decides who is the winner.
We could decide that at first the DeFi foundation should make the decision directly, or implement a more complex process perhaps by fielding votes on SnapShot.
Please share your ideas, Swappers.

I find this proposal very interesting. Building upon SalvoCrypto’s idea, it could be fascinating to create a recognition through NFTs. Possessing the NFT in the wallet could grant a discount on dapp fees, perhaps making it valid for 30 days, after which a new award will be given. Naturally, the recognition should be awarded based on the value contributed within discussions to avoid spam.

The proposals made by SalvoCrypto are interesting although I wanted to point out that a badge system is already present in the forum, but in addition to gamification, it does not seem to have brought greater attractiveness to the use of the forum. Maybe we should give these Badges a useability. Furthermore, you find me completely in agreement with encouraging YouTubers in the sector who make MetalSwap known to the widest possible audience.