1.4 - Ambassador Strategic Program

We are thrilled to introduce the “Ambassador Strategic Program” category, a pivotal segment of the MetalSwap Grant Cycle. This initiative is crafted to identify and empower passionate individuals who can effectively represent and promote the MetalSwap vision within the broader DeFi community. In this post, we elucidate the program’s scope, offerings, and application prerequisites.


The Ambassador Program aims to foster a network of dedicated representatives who can champion the MetalSwap protocol, engage with potential users, and provide insights into the project across various platforms and events. Ambassadors will play a crucial role in expanding our reach, gathering feedback, and strengthening our community ties.

Service Offerings:

Ambassadors will be entrusted with:

  • Representing MetalSwap at virtual / physical events.
  • Engaging with the community on social platforms and forums.
  • Providing feedback and insights to the MetalSwap team based on community interactions.
  • Collaborating on promotional campaigns and initiatives.

Application Requirements:

  • Profound knowledge of the MetalSwap project.
  • Demonstrated passion for decentralized finance and blockchain technology.
  • Strong networking and communication skills.
  • Commitment to the ambassador role for a continuous period of 3 months from the contract signing.

Application Details:

Prospective ambassadors are kindly requested to provide the following details in their applications:

  • Company Name or Name and Surname
  • Company Name or Personal Nationality
  • Company Name or Personal LinkedIn Profile or Twitter Handle
  • Personal Experience (long text or link)
  • A brief statement explaining why you would be an ideal ambassador for MetalSwap
  • Any previous contributions to the MetalSwap project (if applicable)
  • Grant Request (XMT Amount)

Contractual Agreements:

Consistent with our grant allocation process, the DeFi Foundation manages grants through formal contractual agreements between the Foundation and the grant recipients. This agreement ensures clarity and transparency, outlining the terms, conditions, and deliverables associated with the grant.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • MetalSwap Advocacy: Demonstrated passion and understanding of the MetalSwap vision and mission.
  • Community Engagement: Proven track record of engaging and growing communities, especially in the crypto space.
  • Constructive Feedback: Ability to provide actionable insights and feedback based on community interactions.

Compliance Requirements:

Upon contract signing, we will gather all necessary data to ensure compliance with Swiss regulations.

Grant Amount: Up to 50k XMT

Application Link: Google Form

Application Deadline: October 22, 2023

We are eager to onboard ambassadors who resonate with our vision and can effectively communicate the value proposition of MetalSwap. Join us in our journey to redefine the landscape of decentralized finance.


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One question: have you managed to find any Ambassadors? If yes, how many? Thank you

This grant is practically still open, as we can read in this update