1.3 - Community Support

We are delighted to provide an elaborate breakdown of the “Community Support” category, an integral component of the Metalswap Grant Cycle. This segment is designed to elevate our community experience by offering essential assistance and insights into the Metalswap protocol. Below, we delve into the scope, service offerings, and application requirements for this crucial role.


Our primary objective is to provide robust community support by offering guidance in understanding the protocol, comprehending its features, and addressing any inquiries related to the project across our key social platforms: Telegram Official Group, Discord, and Twitter. We also welcome reflections on potential enhancements to our social architecture.

Service Offerings:

Uninterrupted support across the aforementioned social platforms, providing the autonomy to respond to basic protocol-related queries for a continuous period of three months from the contract signing

Application Requirements:

  • Thorough understanding of the Metalswap project.
  • Strong grasp of fundamental DeFi principles.
  • Availability to engage in this role consistently for a continuous period of 3 months from the contract signing.
  • Excellent written English skills.

Application Details:

Prospective applicants are kindly requested to provide the following details in their applications:

  • Company Name or Name and Surname
  • Company Name or Personal Nationality
  • Company Name or Personal LinkedIn Profile or Twitter Handle, Telegram Account
  • Company Name or Personal Experience (long text or link)
  • Grant Request (XMT Amount)
  • List of Contributions already made to the project (link or text)
  • Feedback for enhancing the management of the community’s social engagement
  • Contractual Agreements:

Central to our grant allocation process, the DeFi Foundation administers grants through formal contractual agreements between the Foundation and the grant recipients. This framework ensures a comprehensive structure that defines terms, conditions, and expectations, thereby guiding the grant utilization and project deliverables.

Evaluation Criteria:

Project Knowledge and Experience: Demonstrated project knowledge and expertise, effectively conveyed in the application.

Crypto Social Management Experience: Experience in managing social platforms within crypto projects.

Insightful Feedback: Valuable feedback for refining social engagement and fostering nurturing interactions within the community.

Compliance Requirements:

Upon contract signing, we will collect all necessary data to ensure compliance with Swiss regulations.

Grant Amount: Up to 20k XMT

Application Link: Google Form

Application Deadline: September 22, 2023

We eagerly await applications from individuals dedicated to enriching the Metalswap community engagement. Join us in our mission to cultivate understanding and empowerment within the decentralized finance arena.

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