1.1 Hedging Contracts Simulation Tool

We are excited to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the first category of the Metalswap Grant Cycle: the creation of an advanced Hedging Contracts Simulation Tool.
This tool holds immense potential to transform the way users interact with the Metalswap Protocol. Below, we outline the intricacies and features we are seeking in this innovative tool.

Scope of the Hedging Contracts Simulation Tool:

The objective is to develop a simulation and projection tool that provides a comprehensive understanding of the Hedging instrument while remaining perfectly aligned with our existing smart contracts. This tool will empower users with a dynamic and graphical representation of the Profit/Loss (P/L) of a predefined position. Notably, the tool will be navigable, allowing users to explore detailed payoff variations based on changes in the underlying asset’s price.

Key Features:

1 - Graphical Payoff Variation: The tool will visually exhibit the payoff’s fluctuation based on varying underlying asset prices. This graphical representation will empower users to understand the potential outcome of their positions.

2 - Interactive Graph Navigation: Once users set their desired operation, they can navigate within the graph displaying the Profit/Loss (P/L) curve. This interactive capability allows users to explore individual points along the P/L curve, gaining insight into specific values and gaining a more in-depth understanding of potential outcomes.

3 - Projection Functionality: Users can project the potential outcomes for hedging positions on existing assets within the Metalswap dApp, including pairs in our dAPP like ETH <> USDT, USDC; WBTC <> USDT, USDC; WPAXG <> USDT; and OP <> USDC.

4 - Customizable Payoff: The tool will facilitate a section where users can input a desired payoff. The tool will then calculate the corresponding underlying asset price needed to achieve that specific payoff.

Project Offerings:

We are open to receiving two types of project proposals:

Proof of Concept (POC): A functional web-based tool with logical functionality and minimal aesthetics.

Fully Realized Graphic Interface: A comprehensive tool with a visually pleasing interface aligned with our branding and website aesthetics. Additionally, the tool should possess the capacity to be embedded seamlessly within other platforms like Metalswap Blog and Metalswap Forum.

Application Requirements:

Prospective applicants are kindly requested to provide the following details in their applications:

Deliverable Details: Clearly outline the scope and features of the proposed tool.
Team Experience: Share the past experiences of team members, along with their LinkedIn profiles or Twitter handles, if applicable. Individual applicants are also welcome to provide their relevant experience
Roadmap and Timeline: Present a roadmap, milestones, and projected timeline

Application Details:

Company Name or Name and Surname
Company Name or Personal Nationality
Company Name or Personal LinkedIn Profile or Twitter Handle
Company Name or Personal Experience (long text or link)
Projects Document (pdf)
Grant Request (in USDT, with optional XMT Amount)

Contractual Agreements: As an integral aspect of our grant allocation process, the DEFIFoundation undertakes the management of grants, involving the establishment of a formal contractual agreement between the Foundation and the grant recipient. This agreement serves as a comprehensive framework that outlines the terms, conditions, and expectations governing the grant utilization and project deliverables.

Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions will be evaluated by the Foundation’s Board based on the following criteria:

Technical Feasibility: The proposed tool’s technical feasibility and alignment with smart contract analysis.
Innovation: The level of innovation and uniqueness presented in the tool’s features.
User Experience: The user-friendliness and intuitive design of the tool.
Team Expertise: The expertise and experience of the team members in relevant domains.
Roadmap and Timeline: The clarity and feasibility of the proposed roadmap and timeline.

Compliance Requirements:

Upon contract signing, we will collect all necessary data to ensure compliance with Swiss regulations.

Grant Amount: Up to $35,000 $USDT and/or a portion of this amount can be requested in $XMT

Application Link : Google Form

Application Deadline EDIT: October 22, 2023

We are excited to witness the innovative proposals that will shape the future of the MetalSwap Protocol.

-DeFi Foundation

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